These are My Collection of Stolen Pictures that I Liked

A photo of Mordor's warriors surrounding the fortunate hobbits

A photo of four clumsy hobbits falling

(yeah, I think that hobbit in front is gonna have a sore butt)

Gandalf the Whimsical

"Grrr, somebody took my pants! Now I gotta wear this bathroom robe.... arrghhh!!"

An awesome photo of the wizard

I liked this image of Mithrandir in front of a waterfall

"You gotta be kidding, Bilbo! This is the bread knife?!"


Gandalf in Moria


(there's something.. um... wrong, with this picture)

Four hobbits with Merry in urgent need of a bathroom and Pippin ready to barf

"NO! You're not taking my staff!"

Frodo accepts Sting from Bilbo at Rivendell

"Aragorn, you've got a big zit on your nose."

Hollywood's Gimli... look at his beard, isn't it ludicrous?

"Do you MIND, we're trying to have a moment here!"

Aragorn whispers: "No Brego, not here. They just wouldn't understand."
The horse snorted, "Conformist Pigs."

Aragorn: "What?! I thought you promised me I'll be given Arwen's hand in marriage, and I get this horse?!"
Elrond: "I didn't break my promise! Her name is Arwen!"
Aragorn, exasperated: "OH GOD! I meant your daughter, you idiot!"

Aragorn glanced around. If anybody caught him painting "FRONT" and "BACK" on Brego, he'd never live it down.

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